Bay Area Rotorcraft Club
PRA Chapter #32

Winter, 2001 - 2002

From our President
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Welcome to the new year, with hopefully an abundance of flying and construction in the works. Fred Schnell and Jim Ostrander have met to analyze and diagnose the content and problems involved in the process of a new training package. They will have a preliminary report for the next meeting. Work on the Boom Trainer should be completed soon, and testing the new wheel assembly will begin as soon as the weather cooperates. Brrrrrrrrrrr......

It has been determined that the old Gyro blades that Don has stored will be excellent for the Boom Trainer, and testing will commence as soon as the wheel assembly has been thoroughly analyzed and deemed to be safe.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the next meeting.

Be safe, be happy.


Club Web Site - Up and Running!

Michael Taylor has done a tremendous job at getting our club web site on line. We have had over 500 people look at it so far!

The web site address is:

Some items on this site are the Home Page, On-line Newsletters, "Live" Mid-Michigan Radar, Club Contact Information, Members Only Area and much much more. The Members Area contains all Meeting Minutes, all Meeting Agendas, Membership Roster, Chapter Bi-Laws and Visitor Comments.

The "Members Area" is SECURE and requires a User Name and Password.

The only thing we cannot do on this site is advertise or put in classified adds. This violates the contract which provides this site free of charge through Michael Taylor at XO Communications.

Thanks Merv!

On Saturday, January 12, 2002, the Bay Area Rotorcraft Club presented Mr. Merv Read a beautiful Plaque, Lifetime Membership Card and a Lifetime Club T-shirt as an act of our appreciation for the generous donation of his Air Command 582 to our club!

Merv was apparently surprised, impressed and overwhelmed by our act of appreciation for his beautiful donation.

The Air Command will be used to advance the sport of Rotorcraft flight through the many facets of mechanics, construction, testing, training and flight.

It is not often someone is willing to support an activity in the way Merv has. His unselfish act will not be forgotten!

Gross Airport!

Jack Whyte, our newest club member. He is also the President of the Gross Airport Association.

In addition, Jack is now our Gross Airport Club sponsor. (To utilize airport, the club needs a member who belongs to the airport association).

A big thanks to Jack for his support!

We've recently been made aware of Gross Airport's expenses and repairs that need to be taken care of. The highest expenses are the Heat, Phone and Insurance. The club house needs a new roof and plans are to replace it sometime in spring. The outer walls of the club house are also in need of repair. In an effort to help support the airport our club will be donating $120.00. This is the right thing to do as our club actually has the highest number of individuals using the club house. Several members of our club have also offered to donate their time and help replace the roof.

Another item of awareness is the club house heating system. There is a new thermostat system installed. If you need to turn heat on, please don't adjust the thermostats themselves, just turn on the timer located between the two thermostats.

The Gross Airport has an annual fly-in which is scheduled for the 2nd week of August. More details will be forthcoming as they are made available.

Club Scrap Book!

Brian is putting together a scrap book for our club. He is looking for pictures! Let's all help make this a success!

That's Fred Schnell's original VW powered Benson Type gyro - from many moons ago!
(All photos by: Tom Taylor)