Bay Area Rotorcraft Club

PRA Chapter #32 NEWSLETTER January 2001

Thanks to our Founding Fathers!

Joe Metevia and Don Crocholski took the initiative to bring local area Rotorcraft enthusiasts together a couple of years ago. We elected officers, George Novak - President, Joe Metevia - Secretary, and Don Crocholski - Vice President / Treasurer / Coffee Fund. They kept us going and got Pinconning Airport for our meeting place.

They were instrumental in founding this chapter and obtaining our chapter membership with the national Popular Rotorcraft Association. We are now known as Bay Area Rotorcraft Club, PRA Chapter #32. We are growing and have a very diverse and friendly membership. Without you help this chapter would not exist. Thanks for a JOB WELL DONE!

From the Membership!

Thurm in the air!

This is a photo of Thurman Barrett taken at his strip during the summer of 1998 by Tom Taylor.

If you have any good photos please send them to Tom Taylor so we can share them.

Honey Bee Plans Available

Honey Bee in a low fly-by at Mentone 2000. Pilot: Jim Fields of Gyrotech.

Honey Bee Plans were available at no cost on the Internet. Tom Taylor has a copy of these plans as well as plans for the original Gyro Bee.

If interested contact .

In this issue:
Minutes from December 16, 2000 meeting
Membership Roster

Bay Area Rotorcraft Club - Chapter #32
Vice Pres.:
Brian Anthony
Fred Schnell
Tom Taylor
Ashley Drysdale
(517) 777-7617
(517) 497-9475
(517) 893-7234
(517) 497-9475

Next Meeting:
January 20, 2001 @ 12:00 Noon
Gross Airport - Pinconning, MI