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Rotorcraft & Ultralight Club
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Pinconning, Michigan

February 2007

Newsletters are coming back!

It's been quite a while since a newsletter has been published just for our club members. But they are now coming back. We've had huge advancements in our website and several articles published in magazines but the newsletter sort of fell thru the cracks. Kevin Kociba has volunteered and will be taking over this responsibility as our newsletter editor starting soon. He laughingly says we finally found a stupid young SOB to do the job! We all need to give him all the support we can and submit articles and photos. Thanks Kevin for taking over, we really do appreciate it.

Two More UL Pilots SOLO!

Kevin Kociba and Paul Sequin both completed their first SOLO flights in 2006! Kevin soloed his airplane on June 24, 2006 and Paul soloed on December 30, 2006. Congratulations to Kevin and Paul. Also thanks to Jack Whyte their BFI instructor.

Sport Pilot & E-LSA

In 2006 eight people have received their Sport Pilot Licenses and five aircraft have completed the transition from Ultralight to Experimental - Light Sport Aircraft. Several more individuals are pursuing their Sport Pilots License and more aircraft are in the transition process.

PRA Chapter 32

ASC Chapter 82
(This newsletter written & edited by Tom Taylor)
Next Meeting
Saturday, February 17, 2007 @ Noon
Gross Airport Lounge
Pinconning, MI

Paul Sequin - Our newest pilot,
flying his Rans Coyote S5
at Gross Airport with Skis.

Smooth Landings
There are three simple rules for making a smooth landing. Unfortunately no one knows what they are.

"Fixed Wing"
Maintenance Course

On behalf of the Gross Airport Association and the Bay Area Rotorcraft & Ultralight Club it is a pleasure to announce the first 16 Hour "Fixed Wing" Maintenance Course to be held in the State of Michigan by any organization. The course is February 24&25, 2007 and is now full.
There is a second course scheduled for March 3&4, 2007 which still has some openings available. The cost is $300 for ASC members and $350 for non ASC members. However, ASC membership is still only $40. (Do the math and save $10.)
If you are interested contact Tom Taylor at 989-980-5121.

Notable Quote
It's always better to be down here
wishing you were up there,
than up there
wishing you were down here!

Aircraft Projects

It's amazing how many aircraft projects are currently under way throughout our membership. We have several gyroplanes, fixed wing aircraft and one helicopter project under way right now. The list contains Certified Aircraft, Light Sport Aircraft and Ultralights. Last count was around twenty two projects. More on this next month.

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Club Officers
President...................................Dave Yant
Vice President...........................Brian Anthony
Secretary...................................Dave Pugh
Treasurer..................................Tom Taylor
Webmaster................................Michael Taylor
Newsletter Editor......................Kevin Kociba
Rotor Wing Training Coor........Jim Ostrander
Fixed Wing Training Coor........Tom Taylor
New Hangers at Gross Airport

In 2006 there were two new beautiful hangers completed at the airport. The largest building is 60 feet by 80 feet with 14 foot ceilings. The east half belongs to Jim Klein. Jim is the Gross Airport manager and our resident A&P. It has a 42 foot aircraft door as well as a 10 foot wide door for his Blue Bird Motor Home. The west end belongs to the Low & Slow Hanger Association, LLC, owned by Brian Anthony, Dave Yant, Dave Pugh and Tom Taylor. This end has a single 40 foot wide door. Both ends have concrete approaches installed. The second hanger belongs to Tom (Doc) Buechle. It is 48 feet by 54 feet. Doc built the horizontal bi-fold door himself.

Safety Questions to Ponder
What is Weight & Balance?
How does Density Altitude affect take-off?
What's the Radio Frequency at Gross Airport?
What is "See and Be Seen"?
Where Can't you Fly in Michigan?

Visits at 2006 Fall Fest
Several Aircraft from the "Greater Thumb Ultralight Flyers" flew in to Gross Airport on Saturday, Septermber 16, 2006, during the afternoon of our Annual Fall Fest. Due to pending sunset, they weren't able to stay long, but a good time was had by all who were there for their arrival and short visit. This was the perfect end of a great day at the Airport!
Thanks GTUF you are always welcome!