Bay Area Rotorcraft Club

PRA Chapter #32 NEWSLETTER February 2001

Items of interest with this issue:
Club LOGO Contest!
Minutes from January 20, 2001 meeting
Revised Membership Roster

Training up front in Chapter #32!

We have several members pursuing their training with Duane Hunn - CFI. Duane has invited other members of the club to come to training sessions. This is a great opportunity to learn . It's also a good start at getting out of the meeting mode and onto the flight line.

In addition, Michigan has another CFI - Doyal Watins.

Judy takes to the air!

Judy Taylor taking her initial demonstration ride with Duane Hunn - CFI in his RAF 2000. What a great time!

Duane has rebuilt this machine and is now a beautiful yellow.

Got any good photos to share?
Let Tom Taylor know!

Our club may expand!

There are several "Fixed Wing ultralight" enthusiasts in our area. These individuals have a lot in common with our goals. Wouldn't it be great if they would join us and we could combine our efforts and make the club more diversified. Tim Buechle will be inviting several of these individuals to our February meeting. Lets make them feel WELCOME!

Jim Meylan flying off ultralight airstrip on 8 Mile Rd.

We're having a Club LOGO contest!

Let's be proud of our club and let others know who we are. Please submit a logo design that you like to Brian or Tom. We want to have the membership choose the best design at an up coming meeting.

There will be a prize - still to be determined.

(Hopefully more than a kick in the pants, but you never know!)


Bay City St. Pat's Parade

Tom Taylor is coordinating our participation in the Parade. It should be a really good time. We will try to have at least two aircraft in the parade.

Member Projects

Next Meeting:

February 17, 2001 @ 12:00 Noon
Gross Airport - Pinconning, MI
Bay Area Rotorcraft Club - Chapter #32
Vice Pres.:
Brian Anthony
Fred Schnell
Tom Taylor
Ashley Drysdale
(517) 777-7617
(517) 497-9475
(517) 893-7234
(517) 497-9475

Are Your Dues Paid?

Dues for 2001 are now being collected. See Ashley or Fred.

Jim Ostrander wants Minutes and Agenda in Color!

Here they are Jim, just for you, in Blazing Living Color.
                  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Something Interesting!

Ever see a Radio Controlled Gyro plane?

Belongs to Tom Taylor. Have a Video tape to prove it really does fly! Works much better when batteries are charged - (Forgot to charge batteries for demo flight last summer - Oops - Crash!) Tim knows what I mean. It's rebuilt and ready to fly.

That's Alex in background, Michael's son.