Bay Area Rotorcraft Club
PRA Chapter #32

Fall, 2001

Club Improvements
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Meeting minutes - September 15, 2001
Meeting Agenda - October 20, 2001
Revised Membership Roster

The growth of our club this summer has extended from attending other club functions to welcoming new members. Obtaining and testing equipment for training is now a reality, and the momentum to develop training procedures has increased. A club banner has been secured by Secretary/Treasurer, Tom Taylor, which was used for the first time at KIMO over the Labor Day weekend. A new club flyer was also developed and distributed at the event. When we look upon our new Air Command, our thoughts will always be of Merv Reed, who donated such a wonderful gift. The single largest contribution to the club has been the ideas and enthusiasm generated by its members.

Club at KIMO

   We were well represented at the Aero Sports Connection (ASC) national fly-in held in Marshall, Michigan over Labor Day weekend.
   The new club banner is on display with Brian and Terry at our booth. The Boom Trainer is on display behind them.
   There was a lot of flying and activity - a good time for all who attended.
   The box on the table is filled with donuts. Yum!

Members Enjoy Meeting

   Terry and Therm discuss Gyro flying at a recent summer club meeting held at Gross Airport, Pinconning, MI, as they watch a Gyro in flight.

   That's Don in the back holding up the wall!

   We always have a good time!

Fixed Wing Ultralights show interest in our Club
Bob Johnson, Ultralight Pilot, Linwood, MI, flies to one of our meetings.

Summer Fun!

Steve Lathrop on Take-Off! Duane Hunn on Final for Pin Point Landing!

Duane & Fred after arrival! Two beautiful machines - Duane's & Steve's!

Jack Whyte, BFI Fixed Wing Ultralight Instructor, gives Tom a thumbs up during flight training.

Next Meeting:
November 17th, 2001 @ 12:00 Noon
Gross Airport - Pinconning, MI
Bay Area Rotorcraft Club - Chapter #32
Vice Pres.:
Brian Anthony
Fred Schnell
Tom Taylor

Quanicassee River

From overhead On the Deck!

(All photos by: Tom Taylor)