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PRA Chapter #32 NEWSLETTER March / April 2001

Items of interest with this issue:
Club LOGO Contest!
Info. on FAA proposed Sport Aircraft Rules
Classified Adds
Minutes from March 17, 2001 meeting
Revised Membership Roster

Igor Benson Says "Fill er up!"

This is a photo of Igor Benson as he demonstrates how a Gyrocopter could operate like an automobile.

Criteria - mid 1950's!

(Photo form a Dream of Flight, Published by the Abbot Company)

Got any good photos to share?

Let Tom Taylor know!

Club LOGO contest!

We will decide on our club LOGO at the April meeting! This is a good way to be proud of our club and to let others know who we are. Please submit a logo design that you like to Brian or Tom.

There will be a prize - still to be determined.

FAA proposes new rules for Sport Aircraft!

The intent of these new rules is initially to provide a way to encompass "heavy" ultralight vehicles, as well as promote growth, development and safety in light sport aircraft. These new rules would provide new training and aircraft options for people wanting to fly "for-the-fun-of-it" legally.

Currently there are no provisions for any type of rotorcraft, including Gyros. The PRA has initiated efforts to re-include rotorcraft in the new rules.

The FAA has specifically directed that language requiring Gyroplane comments be specifically included in the New Proposed Rules-Making. The public comment period will be in April. The FAA is looking toward the PRA to help them wade through all the responses that will likely flood them during the response period. For this reason, the PRA is asking members to send their comments to the PRA for review and inclusion in the PRA's responses to the FAA at the appropriate time.

If you have any comments please submit your responses to Brian and he will get them to the PRA. A summary of the proposed rules are available via E-mail from Tom.

Member Projects

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Next Meeting:

April 21, 2001 @ 12:00 Noon
Gross Airport - Pinconning, MI

Are your Dues Paid?

Dues for 2001 are still being collected. See Tom Taylor.

Jim Ostrander wants Don to buy a Capachino Maker

--- out of our coffee fund!

Well Jim, when we reach $10,000.00 in the coffee fund we may consider it! (Hehe)

Flying at Standish IFR Airport.

Tom Buechle did a great job researching our use of this airport for the Boom Trainer and Gyro flying. See his comments in attached minutes for details. Thanks Tom for a job well done!

Propeller Saved!

This is Fred'd beautifully reconditioned propeller. Turned out not an easy job - but well worth it!

Note, when storing a wood prop, always position horizontally to maintain balance. All wood has moisture in it an can move if stored vertically, ultimately changing prop's balance.