Let's Get Cirrus

In the lower level's of this sea of air where we fly, changes in weather are still uncontrolled by human beings. Weather causes us to make decisions, because it is a decisive factor in a pleasant flight, or a disaster.

The heated rising air over a city, highway or field causes updrafts which lift aircraft. Cooler air can be expected over forests and bodies of water, resulting in an anticipated downdraft. Flying through such moving masses of air can toss our light craft around like a bobble-headed doll. Wind can impede our progress, or if strong enough cause structural damage to our air vehicle.

Weather can make it impossible to fly, or enjoyable and knowing the elementary principles of meteorology, terms and jargon is of great benefit to the pilot. Just looking into the sky and observing cloud formations, can show conditions and foretell coming changes, if you are aware and remember the lessons. It's been said that "machines don't cause accidents, people do", so watch and heed the weather, advance knowledge is our greatest asset, and Mother Nature is not to be trifled. Yours in happy and safe flying, Brian Anthony.