We'll miss you, Joe!

I've been putting this off for too long, not knowing how to convey my thoughts, because I didn't know Joe Metevia well. He and Don Grocholski came to my house one afternoon not long after I had joined the Bay Area Rotorcraft Club. He talked and I listened. He talked so well, he talked me right into running for President of the club. The very last thing on my mind.

I knew Joe was having health problems but heard he was mending well. Then one day I received a call . . . wasn't a happy issue for me. The obituary in The Bay City Times of Joe Metevia, former president and co-founder of the Bay Area Rotorcraft and Ultralight Club, caught me by surprise.

I talked with Don Grocholski, another co-founder of our club, on that Thursday, and he had this to say about his friend. "Joe worked for Dow many years, and after retirement, took his hobby of rejuvenating heavy machinery to new levels. Joe especially loved the hunt, the search for treasured heavy equipment to repair was where the fun lay."

After Joe hung up the Dow-three-piece suit–jeans, suspenders, and flannel shirt's became the norm. An easy transition from suit to oil. In the early days, Don said, "The one thing that bothered me about flying with Joe in the nineteen fifties was the cigar that was forever clutched between his lips."

Joe liked the H&H Bakery's ‘Bear Claws', a pastry delight, and he'd phone the bakery just before leaving the house, "save two," he'd say. "One for me and one for Don." Most of us never knew Joe had a sweet tooth.

I admired the soft spoken Joe Metevia. Would have liked to have known him better. Through Joe's family pictures I can tell you that he was loved, and will be missed. I can't share the family's grief nor their loss, but I can appreciate his foresight in aviation, and celebrate his life.

Brian Anthony